• An efficient new aerodynamically optimal, full-life LEP solution to the costly global problem of LEE.

    armour EDGE

    An efficient new aerodynamically optimal, full-life LEP solution to the costly global problem of LEE.Products

A new Leading Edge Protection for wind turbine blades

Our core values of simple pragmatic design, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are manifested in armour EDGE, our leading edge protection (LEP) solution. We are passionate about renewable energy, it’s an essential aspect of our global future and reducing the cost of wind power generation is essential to accelerate widespread sector growth. armour EDGE ensures your operation & maintenance strategy is as cost effective and efficient as possible.



armour EDGE is an innovative, inexpensive, aerodynamically optimal, full-life LEP solution to the growing global problem of LEE. If you own or operate wind turbines, manufacture wind turbines or blades, or provide blade repair services, armour EDGE is the simple, modular, durable, low cost 21st Century solution you’ve been waiting for.

Armour Edge Protects

If you own or operate a wind farm and you are not using armour EDGE to protect your blades your wind turbines are not generating the maximum power, your maintenance costs are unnecessarily high and you are not maximising return on investment!

Armour Edge Protects


We analysed weaknesses and disadvantages in current LEP solutions, then we identified potential improvements with the help of experts in every engineering discipline. We worked with technicians to innovate then test new ideas, we co-developed an improved LEP material, then we simplified the LE repair and LEP application process.

We collaborated with small companies as well as global giants, we focused on cost reduction and we ensured process optimisation, precision and quality at every point in the supply chain.


Our vision is that ultimately every operational blade will be protected by an armour EDGE erosion shield, to maximise Annual Energy Production (AEP) and minimise Operational Expenditure (OpEx) – Superior Protection by Design

Mission Statement

armour EDGE will deliver the best value long term defence against erosion for your wind turbine blades, to shield them from damage for life, and minimise the cost of wind energy production.


armour EDGE will soon be available in EMEA and the Americas – get in touch to learn how armour EDGE would benefit your wind farm operations.

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