armour EDGE is a uniquely aerodynamically optimal Leading Edge Protection (LEP) solution that gives Owners/Operators control over their Annual Energy Production (AEP) and Return On Investment (ROI) of their wind farms.

armour EDGE erosion shields can be installed by blade maintenance technicians utilising rope access in a rapid process that combines Category 1 & 2 Leading Edge (LE) repairs with LEP application, and trials show it typically takes just one day to complete this combined procedure on the upper portion of three average offshore Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) blades.

In the unlikely event that an erosion shield is damaged due to exceptional circumstances, for example a lightning strike or bird collision, then it can be rapidly and easily replaced without any adverse effect on the integrity of the remaining LEP on the blade.

The outstanding material durability and superior aerodynamic performance of armour EDGE reduces Operating Expenditure (OpEx) for wind farm owners/operators  and therefore reduces Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). We estimate lifetime energy generation costs may be reduced by 20% onshore and 25% offshore.

Quality – Environment

armour EDGE will significantly reduce LCoE onshore and offshore, while reducing the environmental impact of wind power generation. Leading Edge…

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How does it work?

The application process is simple, rapid and inexpensive, so a consistently high quality result will be achieved. Structural LE damage…

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Aerodynamic Assessment

armour EDGE will minimise aerodynamic losses, which could have a typical value of £3 million to £4 million in increased…

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