The application process is simple, rapid and inexpensive, so a consistently high quality result will be achieved.

Structural LE damage must be repaired if armour EDGE erosion shields are to be applied to an operational blade, but it isn’t necessary to complete separate LE repairs for Category 1-2 LEE damage because this damage can be repaired as part of the LEP application process.

The surface should be cleaned and prepared for adhesion then the erosion shield is dry fitted. Adhesive is applied to the underside of the erosion shield then distributed using a bespoke spreader design, the shield is then aligned with adjacent shields to ensure an aerodynamically optimal surface and pressed into place.

The tapered edges of the shield are then faired in further to the LE surface to create a smooth transition. Finally, a protective coating may be applied to protect the joints from environmental factors.

Dry fitting erosion shield
press fitting erosion shield