armour EDGE will significantly reduce LCoE onshore and offshore, while reducing the environmental impact of wind power generation.

Leading Edge Protection (LEP) is provided by a series of semi-flexible erosion shields, employing an ultra-tough formulation of thermoplastic material, which extensive rain erosion testing has demonstrated will deliver outstanding durability against leading edge erosion (LEE), in excess of 20 years.

Each series of erosion shields is designed to match the typical leading edge (LE) geometry of the upper 30%-60% portion of commonly operated wind turbine blade models. In a proprietary process, the relevant LE geometry data is used to generate a series of CAD designs of thermoforming tools and erosion shields.

Extruded sheets of our ultra-tough material are thermoformed into a series of 1m long erosion shields. They are then CNC trimmed to ensure high precision geometry and QC checked for fit against the forming tools.

armour EDGE erosion shields also feature tapered/chamfered edges to ensure that once they are applied there is a smooth surface transition between the blade and the erosion shield, which is critical in ensuring optimal aerodynamic performance of LEP, and therefore maximum annual energy production (AEP) and return on investment (ROI).

armour EDGE erosion shield
CAD designs of thermoforming tools
Thermoforming an Erosion Shield